Why Experts Database?

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During the rollout of the S3A in 2017, members from more than 40 African countries unanimously tasked FARA, AFAAS  and SROs (ASARECA, CCARDESA, CORAF & NAASRO) to develop an online directory of AR4D Experts/practitioners for the continent to support the human capital formation, collaboration, peer learning and knowledge retention.

This professionally managed portal provides opportunities for African countries to source expertise from each other whenever needed.

FARA & partners have implemented this excellent initiative through the CAADO-XP4 project supported by the EC & IFAD and ready to roll out under the FARADataInformS agenda. 

The portal, as an added value to the existing FARA Dgroups collaborative platform (with a host to over 35,000 members), is made up of only verified members by their respective country-level institutions (NARES) and professionally affiliated institutions. It collects detailed information from experts for consultancy opportunities as well.   

The portal is NOW opened for registration by all relevant African experts/practitioners resident in Africa and other parts. It is also opened to European AR4D experts interested in Africa.