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Name Country Institution type Year File attachments Chief Executive Officer Chief Executive Officer Address
Khartoum Technical College Sudan Educational Institution Dean: Abubaker Akerbueljokh P.O Box 15027, Khartoum-Elamarrat
Aalategahat Almtadeda Co. Ltd Sudan Private Institutions
Academy Of Engineering Science , Academiat Al-Uloom Al-Handasia Sudan Educational Institution 2002 Mohamed Ali Bashir P. O Box 12045 City:Khartoum
Africa College Koliat Ifriqya Sudan Educational Institution Dean: Suliman Nasr Eldien P. O. Box 3493, Al Ryadh Street No. 12, Khartoum
Agricultural Research Corporation Sudan Agricultural Research Centre 1902 Prof. Abubakr Hussein Sudan – Wadmadani P.O Box 126
Ahfad University For Women Jameat Al-Ahfad Llbanat Sudan Educational Institution 1995 Gasim Badri- President of the University Omdurman- Khartoum state P.O Box: 167 Omdurman – Sudan
Al Gezira Trade & Services Sudan Private Institutions
Al Moghtaribeen University Of Science And Technology Sudan Educational Institution 2000 President: Hasan Hamed P. O. Box: 7121 Khartoum, Sudan
Al Nasr University Sudan Educational Institution 1945 Maaz Elsarag P.O. Box 744, Wad Nubawi District, Khartoum
Al-Fashir University Jameat Al-Fashir Sudan Educational Institution 1975 Abdullah Hay Abubakar P. O. Box 125, Al-Fashir, North Darfour
Arab Authority For Agricultural Investment And Development Sudan Private Institutions 1976 Chairman H.E Mr. Mohamed Bin Obaid Al-Mazrouei P.O. Box 2102 Khartoum - Sudan Directions: Khartoum East Osman Digna Street intersection with AlBaladia Street.
Arab Organisation For Agricultural Development Sudan Agricultural Research Centre H.E Prof Ibrahim Adam El Dukheri (Director) P. O. Box 474, Khartoum 11111
Arin Alosood Sudan Private Institutions 2015
Bayan College of Science and Technology Sudan Educational Institution 1998 Jafar Mohammed Bashir P.O.Box: 210 Khartoum
Canadian Sudanese College Sudan Educational Institution Dr. Algizoly Dafalla Chairman of the Board Building No. 226 – Block No.30 – Sahafa East Road – Khartoum – Sudan, P. O. Box: 15113