Vital Tomosi Dairy Limited


Vital Tomosi’s Dairy (VTD) is a new Ugandan dairy production, processing and marketing company. It was established to modernise and fortify the dairy industry, with the aim of enriching lives and providing the highest quality dairy products on the market.
The dairy is brought to life by a joint venture between Vital Capital Fund and Tomosi’s Farm. The venture effectively brings together a rich centuries-old cattle farming tradition and state-of-the-art production methods to create the Milkman brand of tasty dairy products.
These are produced in our technologically advanced dairy processing factory located in Rushere, Kiruhura district, the largest milk-producing region in Uganda. The factory houses high-tech laboratories, modern storage facilities and more, and has the capacity to process up to 50,000 litres of milk per day, from which our high quality dairy products are produced and enjoyed in Uganda and neighbouring markets.
We seek, not just to be the most innovative and technologically advanced dairy producer of high quality products, but an impact investor dedicated to the growth and enhancement of the lives of individuals, families, businesses and local communities for decades to come.
Our biggest efforts lie in creating mutually beneficial relationships at every level, including training and supporting the local dairy farmers who supply raw milk to our factory,mentoring and employing young Ugandans and facilitating their growth into industry professionals, empowering the economy by introducing superior technology, and improving the quality of life in Uganda and neighbouring regions by providing first-class yet pocket-friendly products.

Year of establishment: 
Full address: 
37/41 Portbell Road Kampala Uganda