Université Mohammed Premier - Oujda


Founded in 1978, the University Mohammed Premier Oujda (UMP Oujda) is a public university consisting of a set of higher education institutions in the Oriental region, the majority of which is located in the city of Oujda.


Like other Moroccan universities, UMP Oujda aims to train students in a wide variety of fields: science, law, literature, history, geography, languages, management, economics, technology, engineering sciences. and the sciences of medicine.


The collaboration between the Mohammed Premier University of Oujda and its environment, in various forms, has undergone a real development in recent years. Many are at the level of UMP Oujda , project experiences that bring the institution closer to its environment and redeploy it in the field of the economic and social world.


Moreover, the Mohammed Premier University of Oujda  is the first Moroccan university that directly enrolls its students on the platform APOGEE (for "Application for the Organization and Management of Teachings and Students"), with immediate delivery of the card student and the registration certificate.

Year of establishment: 
+212 536 50 06 14
Full address: 
Mohammed First University, BV Mohammed VI BP 524 Oujda 60000 Morocco