mPig project: Mobile SMS learning for pigs – An innovative information sharing platform for smallholder pig value chain actors in Uganda, was launched in Kampala. The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) identified the pig sector in Uganda as one of nine livestock systems worldwide where research investments are most likely to make a major difference to the livelihoods and diets of poor people.

disseminate information to pig value chain actors to increase pig growth and reproductive performance on farm, improve market access for poor value chain actors and ultimately improve food security through increased pork production. Project still in phase of developing messages. SMS-implementation expected from April 2016 on. Administrative procedures regarding shortcode and licensing, upcoming elections etc. have slowed down implementation timeline.

The goal of this project is improved food and nutritional security for poor households, improved livelihoods for value chain actors and better performance of smallholder pig value chain systems in selected areas in Uganda.

Its purpose is to develop and pilot a customized SMS approach to disseminate information on pig health, production, marketing (including weight estimation) and consumption to pig value chain actors in Uganda.

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