Web platform

The web platform allows everyone to have an overview of the products available in each of the production areas and / or markets. It also allows actors (sellers or buyers) to post the products they want to sell or to make a reservation for a product that interests them.

SMS services

This service was developed to allow people who do not have access to the Internet to be able to learn about the products and the price but also to send the products for sale on the Mlouma platform. This data will be recorded and displayed at the web platform after validation.


Mobile Apps

These mobile applications have been specially developed to allow users to interact with the Mlouma platform using smartphones or basic phones.



The call center is designed to allow people who do not have the opportunity to use the other 3 platforms Mlouma, to be assisted by individuals to make purchases and / or sales of products. This service makes it possible to take into account the majority of our customers even those who are not educated.