Lesotho College of Education


College Vision
We aspire to offer quality teacher training and education programmes in the SADC region and beyond by 2021.
College Mission
Our mission is to educate and train teachers, who offer quality services to the community. We do this through sustaned stakeholder contribution based on morden approches and research.
Historical Note
The Lesotho College of Education began its life in 1975 under the name of National Teacher Training College (NTTC).  UNESCO assisted in the initial planning of the institution. The Government decided to establish this public college to replace three denominational teachers’ colleges, owned by the Roman Catholic Church, the Lesotho Evangelical Church and the Anglican Church of Lesotho.  Nevertheless the three churches mentioned above were given representation in the Board of Governors and in the teaching staff of the College: an arrangement that continues today.  The NTTC was made a department of the Ministry of Education and therefore operated under the rules and regulations of the civil service.  The Government, assisted by many international development partners, provided human and material resources as well as infrastructure that the College needed to operate successfully.  The College opened its doors with seventy-eight (78) students under the guidance of twelve (12) local lecturers and five UNESCO advisers. By the 1990s, there were three academic divisions: the Primary, Secondary and In-service Divisions.
Until the 1993 the College offered programmes leading to certificates. It developed both pre-service and in-service programmes for primary school teaching and a pre-service programme for secondary school teaching. In the period from 1994 to 2002 the certificate programmes were gradually replaced by diploma programmes of similar duration.

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