Knutsford University College

The need for quality and relevant education in the growth and development of any civil society and industry cannot be over emphasized. It is becoming more and more very imperative now than ever and would be even more challenging in the future. Some of the greatest challenges facing the world today in this twenty-first century include the persistent high global unemployment rate among university graduates, especially in the developing countries, the severe global competition facing businesses and political economies, the high rise of corruption, poverty and immoral conducts of government officials and civil society, leadership and political struggles of nations. The twenty-first century university education must therefore be one of a difference. The education today must address the above human and technological complexities. We must provide content that is not only concerned or limited to the acquisition of knowledge, skills and abilities, but more importantly the application of these to human and material growth, development and wellbeing. Modern quality education is needed to prepare graduates for service, for work, for leadership, entrepreneurship and innovative ventures. Our graduates must provide solutions to solve industry and societal challenges and to improve the quality of life. These thoughts are the objects on which Knutsford University College was established. The University College was established to develop the relevant talents needed for life development.
The main aim of the College is to produce competent graduates to deal with the current and emerging complexities in industry and in their communities. Graduates are expected to recognise opportunities and develop appropriate business solutions that seek to address a particular issue.
Knutsford seeks to:
Develop first-class human resources relevant for national and global development.
Help increase access to higher education for a growing number of qualified students all over the world, especially, in Africa.
Provide a world-class university education to students seeking international education outside Africa.
Train moral and ethical leaders who will use their knowledge responsibly for advancement of the society.
Develop students’ innovative and entrepreneurship skills needed for sound integration into the society.
Advance the frontiers of research and disseminate it for development.
To become one of the world’s best universities in Africa, where students are well groomed, transformed and inspired to lead and serve distinctively in any part of the world with creative excellence, entrepreneurial mind and godly character.
To educate, inspire and produce first-class human and material resources relevant for personal, national and global well-being and development through quality teaching, experiential learning, and ethical  research.

Year of establishment: 
+233 (0)3220 289 25, +233 244 589 667
Full address: 
10 Bamako Street, East Legon behind Mensvic Hotel, Accra, Ghana.