Institut Sénégalais de Recherches Agricoles


The main missions of ISRA are:
the design and implementation of research programs on crop, forestry, animal and fish production and rural economy;
the creation of scientific knowledge, the generation of technological innovations and the development of decision support tools for the improvement of the agricultural sector;
valorization and transfer of research results;
promotion and training in research through research;
the development of scientific cooperation, both inter-African and international, as well as Senegalese research institutions and universities.
Development of agricultural research
Undertake and develop research on plant, animal, forestry and fisheries production and on rural socio-economics with the aim of contributing to the increase of agricultural production and its sustainability. ISRA's research priorities focus on agronomic, animal, forestry, fishery and socio-rural production in the various secological zones of Senegal: dry and humid continental rain zone, irrigated continental zone, littoral zone and maritime zone

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