Ecole D'lngénierie en Génie Des Systémes Industriels


Since 2006, the EIGSI Group has a campus in Casablanca: EIGSICA.

EIGSICA offers Moroccan students a versatile 5-year engineering education rigorously identical to that offered on the EIGSI French campus, both in terms of teaching content and evaluation methods (continuous monitoring, nature of tests, date of exams ...).

The EIGSICA training pursues the same objectives as the EIGSI: to give to its engineering students a broad scientific and technical culture adapted to the needs of the company, with, from the first year, the putting into practice of the theoretical knowledge.

In the same context of exchanges, the students of the EIGSI Campus in La Rochelle, France, following the lessons of the dominant BTP, carry out part of their curriculum at EIGSICA in Casablanca.

Year of establishment: 
+212(522) 47-56-03
Full address: 
Centre des Affaires Allal Ben Abdellah, 6éme étage, Angle rue Allal Ben Abdellah et rue Fakir Mohamed, Casablanca