Dar-Al-Hadith Al-Hassania


Dar al-Hadith al-Hassaniah was founded in November 1964 on the basis of a royal speech delivered by His Majesty King Hassan II, may God rest his soul in a gathering of scholars involved in al-Hassani lessons. The Royal Decree establishing the House was issued on 11 Jumada I in 1388 AH (6 August 1968).


   The discourse highlighted the objective of creating this institution; the formation of scientists Rasik foot in the hadith and the forensic science in general. This is in anticipation of the scientific vacuum created by the departure of leading scholars and a sense of the need for Moroccan society and state institutions to have competent specialists in Islamic sciences. The Royal Decree establishing the House of Hadith al-Hassania defined the tasks of the House in the development of higher education and research in Islamic sciences, and the completion of the training of staff and students in modern science.


Year of establishment: 
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B. P. 6549 Al Irfane, 465 Bd.