Big Ajar Farms


Big Ajar Farms (BAFs), is a seed producing and farming company that offers quality and affordable services in aggregation, storage, as well as mechanized services in tractor plowing, harrowing and shelling.
Maize: include all seed varieties on request
Soybean: include Jengumu variety, but will produce any variety in request thereof.
Rice: Will be produced on request and for any variety thereof.
Cowpea: Songutra, Pedutua, etc. have tested and certified hence will be up scaled for distribution, but
Groundnut: Sam-nut 22, etc. was also tested through well supervised activities and recommended. The variety is however, from Nigeria and etc.
Other services include:  aggregation, storage, plowing, harrowing, shelling

Year of establishment: 
+233(0)26 964 6667, +233 50 3663 020
Full address: 
P.O Box 486, Wa, Wa, Ghana