Bakex Millers Ltd


Bakex Millers Ltd, located in Thika Town, is a leading producer of wheat meal products. We are part of the Broadway Group of Companies, which also runs Broadway Bakery Ltd. We produce the Bakex brand of wheat products, which include the Oboma range of flours, and the well-known Boma Atta Mark flour.
Bakex Millers Ltd is a family owned enterprise. Since our establishment in 1983, we are the leading wheat millers in Thika Town, and one of the oldest grain millers in Kenya.The products we produce rival any of the products produced by wheat millers in Kenya. We are very proud of our place among Kenyan Grain Millers because we play an important role in ensuring that the Kenyan market enjoys high quality wheat products for local needs.
Our main production plant is located three kilometers from the Thika Superhighway, just off the road to Garissa. Our location off Garissa Road makes it easy for us to serve customers in different parts of Kenya. In addition, we have well developed distribution lanes that run deep into the Central region and the Rift Valley, and all the regions in between. We are looking to expand our operations to cover the East African region and South Sudan, with an eye on the entire Sub-Saharan region.
We at Bakex Millers Ltd take care to ensure that all our customers receive high quality wheat flour for all their cooking needs. We have recently upgraded our wheat storage capacity from 8000 metric tons to 16000 metric tons to meet the growing demands for wheat products in Kenya and in the East African region. As a result, our manufacturing capacity has also been upgraded by installing one of the most modern mills South of the Sahara to meet the rising demand. This upgrade will increase our milling capacity from 160 tons per day, to 250 tons per day.

Year of establishment: 
+254 717 080 024, +254 731 459 868
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Bakex Millers Ltd. P.O. Box 25, Off Garissa Road, Thika – 01000, Kenya