Al-Fashir University Jameat Al-Fashir


Al-Fashir University is a governmental, Sudanese, state-run, recognized and managed university. It is a member of the Federation of Sudanese, Arab and African Universities. It has cooperation agreements with regional and international universities. The date of its inception dates back to November 1975, when former President Jaafar Mohammad Nimeiri issued the republican decree No. 8, which established the University of Darfur. However, that dream was only realized in 1990, when President Omar Hassan Ahmed Al Bashir issued Presidential Decree No. 142, In the city of El Fasher, the capital of Greater Darfur, at the time in February 1991 in buildings belonging to the company (Ricci) in the west of El Fasher airport and south of El Fasher secondary school previously, which was working in the construction of some roads Interior. In 1993, the province of Darfur was divided into three states. Each state became the nucleus of the university to become the nucleus of a university. The remaining faculties of Al-Fateh University in September became the nucleus of Al-Fasher University in the state of North Darfur. This institution was developed and joined by the Institute of Teacher Education in Al-Fashir in the buildings and its area, which was transferred to the Faculty of Education. The buildings were left to the management of the University and the Faculty of Medicine. The morgue, the central library, the halls, laboratories, student activity and other service facilities were established. In 1994, Al-Fashir Secondary School was established with its premises and its area in 1994 to become the nucleus of the college complex, which includes the Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resources, the Faculty of Human Development and the College of Education for the teachers of the foundation. And then expanded the university and joined the School of Health Assistants to become the nucleus of the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, followed by the Youth Training Center in Al-Fasher, which includes the Institute of the Holy Quran and the Faculty of Sharia and Law, in addition to the establishment of research centers and experimental farms in each of the leg ostrich and Kebkabiya and then the university university housing Students, and teachers' housing

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+249(731) 843-280
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P. O. Box 125, Al-Fashir, North Darfour