Image Source: KuzKid 2017

The Centre for Coordination of Agricultural Research and Development for Southern Africa (CCARDESA) was founded by SADC member states to harmonise the implementation of agricultural research and development (R&D) in the SADC region. CCARDESA intends to address agricultural research and design issues in the SADC region through the following interventions:

  • Coordinating implementation of regional agricultural R&D programmes
  • Facilitating collaboration among stakeholders of the national agricultural research systems (NARS)
  • Promoting public – private partnerships in regional agricultural R&D
  • Improving agricultural technology generation, dissemination and adoption in the region through collective efforts, training and capacity building

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“A food secure and prosperous Southern African region with vibrant rural livelihoods.”


“To promote innovative research, technology generation and adoption for sustainable agricultural development through affective partnership and capacity building.”