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Name Country Institution type Year File attachments Chief Executive Officer Chief Executive Officer Address
Ministry of Infrastructure, Science and Technology Botswana Governmental and Inter-Governmental organization
Modisar Botswana Digital Research Institutions
National Food Technology Research Center Botswana Agricultural Research Institute 1987 Dr. kgosietsile Phillemon-Motsu
National Veterinary Laboratory Botswana Agricultural Research Institute 1954
Okavango Research Institute Botswana Educational Institution 1994 Dr. Emily Bennitt
SENN FOODS (PTY) LTD Botswana Agricultural Research Institute 1985 Mr Richard Frohlich
SUPS PRODUCTIONS (PTY) LTD Botswana Agricultural Research Institute 2012 Thato Supang
Surgipharma Botswana Private Institutions 1994
University of Botswana Botswana Educational Institution 1982 Thabo Fako
Veld Products Research and Development Botswana Non-governmental Organization 1981 Frank W. Taylor