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Name Country Institution type Year File attachments Chief Executive Officer Chief Executive Officer Address
Adico Lda Angola Private Institutions Mr. Sammy Jaffer
Agro Exporters Inc Angola Private Institutions Mr. Mandi Ghahari
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Engineering Angola Educational Institution 1999 Professor Pedro Domingos Peterson
Escola Superior Agrária Do Kwanza Sul Angola Private Institutions 2007 Octavio Isaac Manuel Spinola
Frutas E Legumes Limitada Angola Private Institutions Edmilson Vander
Hamana Alamago Lda Angola Private Institutions 2007 Mr.Edward Mumba
Institut National D’administration Pubique Angola Educational Institution José Joá LoureÇo
Instituto De Investigacao Agronomica Angola Agricultural Research Institute 1961 Armando Manuel Valente
Instituto de Investigação Veterinária Angola Agricultural Research Institute Dra. Cleonice Costa Rua Amílcar Cabral Nº 45, CP 5682
Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais E Relações Internacionais Angola Educational Institution 2007 Professor Doctor Amaral Lala
Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais E Relações Internacionais, Luanda. Angola Private Institutions 2007 Prof. Doctor Amaral Lala
Instituto Superior Politécnico Metropolitano de Angola Angola Educational Institution Luís Kandjimbo
Instituto Superior Técnicio de Angola Angola Private Institutions 2007 Dr Gaspar João
International University of Management Angola Educational Institution 2002 Bishop Dr. Shekutaamba Vänö-Väinö Nambala
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Angola Governmental and Inter-Governmental organization 2006 Afonso Pedro Canga