Info Systems

  • FARA eLibrary

    The FARA eLibrary and Information System is dedicated to disseminating agricultural information and Knowledge throughout the agricultural value chains covering the Africa Region.

  • PANAP network

    PANAP is a network among academic/research and institutional partners collaborating with the EC (through JRC) and AU (through FARA), in developing research on agricultural economics and policy issues with a focus on Africa. 

  • FARA Blog

    PAEPARD mobilizes resources for priority projects that combine African and European institutional and financial resources for mutually advantageous projects

  • eRAILs II

    RUN - Rural Universe Network - empowers the population in developing countries to use internet technology for development. E-journals with the people's point of view!

  • BiomassNet

    BiomassNet is the first pan-African expert network on food and non-food biomass. It provides an interactive platform for networking and information exchange between experts

  • Innovation Platform & Agribusiness Portal

    It ensures that agricultural technologies are translated into measurable impact in livelihood and quality of life for farmers as well as other stakeholders.