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Name Country Institution type Year File attachments Chief Executive Officer Chief Executive Officer Address
Southern Sudan Beverages Limited Sudan Private Institutions 2009 Alsworth-Elvey (Managing Director) Plot 1, Private Bag, Kololomro Site
Sudan Academy For Communication Science Sudan Educational Institution Dean: Hussein Ibrahim Hussein P. O. Box 3515, Khartoum
Sudan Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotels Mahad Alsudn Alali Llciaha wa Alfandaga in Sudan universit Sudan Educational Institution 1998 Head : Omer Mahgoub Wad Madani
Sudan International University Jameat El-Sudan El Alimya Sudan Educational Institution 1990 President: Bakri Osman Saeed Obaid Khatim Street, Arkawait, North Of Al Balaabil Bus Stop, Khartoum
Sudan University College For Girls Koliat Sudan Alijamia Sudan Dean: Fadwa Abd El-Rahman Ali Taha P.O. Box 1176, Building No. 8 Block 17, Ryadh Town, Khartoum
The Future University Jameat El-Mustagbal Sudan Educational Institution 1991
The Sudan Cotton Company Ltd Sudan Private Institutions 1986 Mr. MOHI EL DEEN MOHAMED ALI Director Khartoum 11111 – Sudan P.O Box 1672
Trasco(Sudan) Ltd Sudan Private Institutions 2007
University Of Gadarif- Faculty of Agriculture Sudan Educational Institution 1994 Vice Chancellor: Prof . Ibrahim Abdelsalam Yousif Mohammed
University Of Gezira Sudan Educational Institution 1975 Vice Chancellor: : Prof. Mohamed Warrag Omer Location: P.O. Box: 20, Nishaisheeba, Wad Meddani, Sudan
University Of Holy Qu'ran And Islamic Sciences Sudan Educational Institution 1990 Prof - Ahmed Saeed Suliman Omdurman – Sudan – Elmwrada Street (1459) Omdurman
University Of Khartoum, College of Agriculture Sudan Educational Institution 1902 Prof. Ahmed Mohamed Suliman (Vice Chancellor) P. O. Box: Khartoum 11111, Sudan
University Of Kordofan Sudan Educational Institution 1990 Vice- Chancellor: Prof. Dr. Ahmad Abdu Allah Agabadour. Elobeid-Sudan
University Of Medical Sciences And Technology Jameat Al-Uloom Al-Tibya Wal Tiqnologia (Umst) Sudan Educational Institution 1995 PRESIDENT: PROFESSOR HASSAN MOHAMMED AHMED ALI P.O. Box 12810, Khartoum, Sudan
University Of Science And Technology Sudan Educational Institution 1995 President: Al-Mutaz Mohammed Ahmed AL-Bereir P. O Box 30, Omdurman, Khartoum