Bugema University School of Natural Sciences


School of Natural Sciences

The School of Natural Sciences is based on a strong belief that science is the study of God’s handiwork to sustain mankind and his bio-physical systems through technology and sustainable innovations.

To train holistic and skilled professionals in science and technology.

To be a center of excellence in scientific research, training and innovations for development.

Programs Offered
The School of Natural Sciences offers the following Programs;
1.    Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with Biotechnology & Plant Breeding 
2.    Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with Soil Science 
3.    Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with Crop Science
4.    Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with Animal Science
5.    Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Innovation and Management
6.    Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science
7.    Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
8.    Bachelor of Science in Statistics
9.    Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology
10.  Diploma in Biomedical Engineering and Technology  

General Entrance Requirements in the School of Natural Sciences
For all Degree courses, one must satisfy at least one of the following minimum university entry requirements.
•    Have completed A-level and have two principle passes in science subjects, mainly: Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Food and Nutrition, Agriculture, Physics and or Mathematics, Economics and also passed at their sitting of O-level
•    Must possess a second class Diploma in relevant areas of Science (for a specific program) and from recognized institutions. The relevant areas of science include; Agriculture, Education Biology/Chemistry, Food Processing, Nutrition, Business computing, Accounting; Engineering, Architecture, Science education (mathematics/Economics/Physics) or related studies, from recognized/accredited Institutes.
•    Must have passed the Mature Age Entry Examinations for a specific Degree recognized by NCHE in Uganda or its equivalent.                                 
•    Other international students who do not undertake A-level should have passed mature entry exams OR
•    Have an equivalent of A-level of Uganda and have a background in Science subjects mainly Biology, Chemistry, Agriculture, Physics, Mathematics, or Geography, Commerce or Economics.
•    Kenya applicants must have a minimum of a C+
•    For specialization in Environmental Economics and Policy, a candidate must have passed mathematics with a credit and above at Ordinary-level.

Year of establishment: 
256 312 351400
Full address: 
Bugema University Post Office Box 6529 Kampala, UGANDA


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    RUN - Rural Universe Network - empowers the population in developing countries to use internet technology for development. E-journals with the people's point of view!