Bahir Dar University, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences


The College of Agriculture and Environmental Science is accountable to the President of the University but also to the respective Vice presidents related to their domain areas of responsibilities. It is administered by a Dean. It has also a Vice Dean who is mostly responsible for academic and students’ affairs with strong support and backup of a Program Manager. As the name indicates, the Post Graduate, Research and Community Service Coordinator, who has an equivalent position as the Vice Dean, is solely responsible for the post graduate programs, research and community service issues. The College is currently offering courses to undergraduate students in the form of Modular approach. Each academic program (formerly called departments) has about 10 modules. Each module is an assembly of courses which are closely related and are led by senior staffs named as course chairs. The course chairs are responsible for the teaching-learning processes in their respective module which they are coordinating.
The College is autonomous in many respects. It is recognized as cost center by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. Thus, it prepares its own budget and administers upon approval. The College runs its day-to-day activities on its own. The highest decision making organ at the College level is the Academic Council and the Dean of the College runs the day-to-day activities. Most activities of the College are accomplished by the various programs and course chairs of the College in close consultation and supervision of the Program Manager, the Post Graduate, Research and Community Service Coordinator, the Vice Dean and the Dean. There are different case teams within the College such as the Program Management and Marketing Case Team; Customer Relations and Information Case Team; Human Resource Case team. Each case team has their own responsibilities so as the College discharges its day-to-day

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